Friday, 22 April 2011

Sharing a piece of my mind...

    I've been a gamer since I can consciously remember myself. I came in contact with the industry while I was still a  little kid and, as far as I can remember, used to find little interest in the archaic games offered by the then-high-tech ATARI-2600. The years rolled by, an electrical surge fried my 2600 and my involvement with gaming came to a halt.

 The 2600. Can you believe that the company behind this "beast" once dominated the market?

    Years later I was able to procure an ATARI Jaguar, the overly hyped and totally obsolete system released by the company in a desperate attempt to catch the market by storm. I spent some time with it, sure, but at some point it became apparent that I'd need to get my hands on something financially active if I was to follow my hobby on a realistic basis. That's when I came in contact with SEGA' s horrendously underrated beauty, the Saturn...

    ... and man, what a trip THAT was! From Cyber Troopers: Virtual-ON and Fighting Vipers to my all-times favorite Panzer Dragoon Saga it's really no surprise to anyone following the console that it became my most beloved, up until the Dreamcast came around - a console I still consider the most drastic catalyst for the industry and the one that created the model for the econimic structure on which the gaming market operates today.


The Dreamcast (Left) and Panzer Dragoon Saga (Right), both in their Japanese release forms. People who know me are familiar with the fact that these are two of my favorite entities of all time, all things taken under account. I still consider them unsurpassed in their respective spheres of influence even after all these years...  

    Of course these were not the only systems that occupied my time. But this, my first ever attempt at blogging something, will not be a recap of my journey through the majestic world of gaming. It's simply a "Greetings letter" to anyone interested in sharing a piece of my mind, aimed towards people who can appreciate gaming and what it offers just like I do: A still young, beautiful child that shall grow and mature to become the ultimate art form - much to the disappointment of purists and tech-haters everywhere.

    But I think I might be coming a little too hard on the reader, this being my first post and all. I hope you enjoyed this little attempt of mine to become something of a "known quality" to you, dear reader, and hopefully you will be interested in reading what is to come.

    Maybe I will write about sequels next... hmmm... yes, that would be a nice topic. 



  1. Πολύ καλό mate και otoritororoiroi tsibuna natsitso. Astonishing narration from a guy who plays games for what they represent. Give us more brainfruit juice about this hobby that interest us all.
    Until then...fuck you Steve.

  2. Well, I don't think that our inside jokes will be understood universally but thanks a lot for your kind words! :D

    I will keep 'em coming, no doubt about it! ;)

  3. I am eager to see the whole history of the gamer that we know today as Mr. FiOth!

  4. Haha, wilco my friend, at some point I will probably get down to archiving what consoles I've had throughout the years. Might as well post it here! :)