Friday, 29 April 2011

A friend's view on the GoW 3 beta

    Although it might seem a bit odd for a blogger to add another person's thoughts to his page I wanted to bring under the light a friend's view of the beta that occupies much of my time as well. This entry was composed by Tsukuyomi (GT "Tsukuyomi GR") and he reserves all rights related to it. Hope you find it interesting.

    "Greetings Everyone,
     I took the decision to write my opinion about GOW 3 beta, so I can contribute to the creation of the final product and because I don't like all the bitchiing for the weapons especially for the shotguns. So let me tell you my impressions so far.

    Until now I haven't face any issues about lag and delay, and I am really glad about this. I am telling that because here in Greece although we loved GOW 2 for its campaign and horde mode we had a hard playing multi (another problem is that greek connections are really shitty), so we decided to forget about it and play other games. When we started playing the beta most of us thought "Ok it's going to be a little better than GOW 2 but we will still face situations full of lag and delay", but you proved us wrong, after the first match I felt that this time you will do it right!
    Now, about the weapons. I believe that the weapons are really balanced.
    The Lancer is the weapon everyone wants for support and for long ranged combat, moreover it has the chainsaw which is really useful after the improvements you did on it. The only drawbacks so far is that sometimes the chainsaw kills an enemy even if there is some distance between them, and other times it cancels the shot from the shotgun of an enemy and cuts him down.
    The Hammerburst is the heavy ranged weapon which can make an enemy drop to his knees easily, that's its purpose anyway.
    The Retro Lancer although its really a powerful ranged weapon it kicks a lot, so I believe that balances its immense power. But it has a problem although the lance on it is a great asset, there are times when you assault someone he shoots you and your speed decrease but you manage to stab him and kill him or another issue same with that of the chainsaw. There are many times when you got hit by a shotgun while you are making an assault but shot is canceled and you stab the enemy.

About the two shotguns, I can see that they are the main theme about bitching these days. I believe that both of them are well balanced. Sawed off has a few but powerful shots which are slow in reload and they want you to be accurate, tactical (not camper because gears is a fast and intense game so if you camping you are not playing gears at all) and close to your enemy, whereas Gnasher has more ammo, faster reload and can deal damage at bigger ranges. So ammo, reload speed and increased range are the balance between the gnasher and the immense power of the sawed off.
    The power weapons are just perfect except one issue with the reticle of the sniper sometimes when you try to aim, it remains big
     About the sidearms... Boltok got more powerful but to kill an enemy with two shots you must also be accurate so that's fine for me, as for the Gorgon I haven't used it that much but it felt a little different, I could say weaker?
     Ok, about the grenades.
    The smoke grenade, it's just amazing guys it can stun enemies for a little time of course, and it's the best thing before doing assaults with your retro lancer, shotgun etc. or throwing an offensive grenade.
    The Frag Grenade although a lot of people are saying they're mini nukes I find them pretty good, they might be destructive but the sound they make before exploding gives you enough time to run away!
    The incediary grenades I really like them but when I tag them on walls I believe it's a matter of luck whether they kill the enemy or damage him
    The ink grenade is the only thing I don't like in the beta it has a very small area effect although it can stun the enemies for a while if you don't throw it in front of them they can avoid it easily so I have found it really difficult to kill with it

    That's all about the weapons...
    The addition of holding the buttons in order to do an action has solved a lot of problems, as for the executions I liked the ones in GOW 2 but I like more the ones here. They are new and more brutal.
    Another issue which happens rarely but is a serious one, is about the respawn. There are times when both teams respawn on the same place or a team respawns in a point where there are already enemies. Because the frequency of that issue is rare I believe it won't be that hard to fix it completely, right? xD
    And the final issue is not about the beta but about the players who are playing the beta. I am referring to those guys who do not hesitate to steal your kills continuously in a match, or even worse to steal your kill instead of reviving you. About those guys I would suggest everyone who reads my thread to stay calm, keep playing and you can "punish" them after the match by giving them negative feedback & file complaint or pay them back by stealing their kills when you get the chance. But if you want to avoid all of this it's better to play with your friends, don't forget that GOW is a game in which "Team" is a fundamental element in order to succeed.
    So, that's all... 
    The only thing I wanted to ask, if Epic read this please don't screw it up!"


    PS. This text was not altered by me in any way. It might contain some minor mistakes but it is Tsukuyomi's work, not mine, and thus I shall not take any liberties with it. It is posted as-is, in its original form.



  1. Very well said my friend. Apart from any personal opinions your comments regarding the overall quality of the beta are spot-on in my humble opinion. My hopes go with your last bit. Please don't mess it up EPIC.

  2. Thanx for posting my article in your blog Mr FiOth, I hope your followers will enjoy it. ^_^

  3. Good stuff should be shared my friend. You are very welcome.