Tuesday, 19 July 2011

On why free-ware is not necessarily a good thing...

    So here I am, an average, annoyingly hot summer morning. I sit in front of the PC, a glass of icy frappe coffee in hand. It is a little too humid for my liking so hardcore gaming is out of the question for the next few hours. I keep listening to music and then a thought crosses my mind: "Why not play some League of Legends?" Of course I KNOW it's gonna end badly. It ALWAYS does. Oblivious to my mind's warning I start the client. After a few minutes I am in a game with some unknown foreigners.
    The score is 1/4. No, that's not K/D or Turret take-downs. It's the number of uneducated, no-life idiots versus the number of normal people who want to have a match while behaving like homo-sapiens. After some bitching and showcasing how large one's penis can be - I am fairly sure that the guy has never been laid without paying for it - we win the game. The nightmare is over.
    Of course it is the nature of such games to make you come back for more. I sit there for a second, again sweating to Hell, thinking "I can play another. The last one did not go so bad" I start a new match.
    This time not only are the opponents some sort of molested-by-dad-while-mom-was-taking-pics kind of being by my teammates are a true and tried institution for retarded a-holes as well. Suffice to say, it was not fun. What strikes me as odd is that even the n00best of players has something to say about his opponent or partner. They ALL seem to think that they know better than the next man... poor kids.
    Anyway, the point I want to make is this: It cannot be a crazy coincidence that most games sporting free clients (LoL, HoN, CS, Lineage) seem to gather the worst kind of brainless poop. The reason, I suppose, is quite obvious: Since there is no money spending involved every anti-social goo-pot out there thinks it's a good idea to contribute its idiocity to the ever growing pool of demented individuals. "1tz d@ fr33z d00t s0 wa n00t!?!" Thus, the "Laidless Community" was born.
    It goes without question that I wholeheartedly support free-ware and what it represents in our Society of Information. The problem is not the software itself - it's the people. All those complexized, low-IQ individuals who were so picked off by bullies at school that they never had a chance to form a solid, healthy personality. 
    If you have ever found yourself trolling for no apparent reason, bitching about someone's mettle while you suck yourself or seem to enjoy the occasional tee-bag here is a train of thought you can board: Maybe YOU are a little problematic yourself. Sure, some might consider the whole procedure a chance to "blow some steam" but trust me, not everyone shares this view. "Civilization" is free these days. Why not use some?



  1. Well said, I definitely agree with you... We can find "idiots" even at games that you have to buy them, it's only natural that in free games there will be a lot of "idiots"...
    Another thing is that HoN is a game that you have to buy it so it's not free and I'm not so sure if lineage is free as well :P

  2. There are free clients on both. In Lineage II there are many free servers with customized rules etc. :)

  3. Well... I think you kinda over reacting. I'm not gonna say that what you've mentioned in this article is not true but that's not definite aswell. It always depends on the channel/server you are playing. Of course if you gonna play on a newb public channel/server you gonna get only kids and retards as opponents. Try to find a server with dedicated players to which the entrance has requirements such as skill or experience or higher level or sometimes these servers are hidden and to join them you have to get access from a forum or something where all the dedicated players gather.

    PS: Besides... can you guarantee that you don't get all these same @ssh0l3s in Halo,GoW,CoD etc?

    PS2: TeamFortres2 went free but the majority of the players are still fine.

  4. Thank you for the productive comment.

    The tee-bagging I mentioned above IS a paid shooter phenomenon... you will find more in Halo than you can find zombies in Romero movies. But it is a simple fact that the more appeal a game has the worse it gets. And when the game is free, well, the sky is the limit... or more like the gutter is the bottom. ;)